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EasyXLS™ : Manage MS Excel Data & Files Excellent.

By | 2017-04-12

Introduction Nowadays I get very rarely impressed by any software. I believe I can count them on one hand only. The software component I will introduce with today’s article is actually one of them, EasyXLS. EasyXLS is a powerful .NET component that can manage MS Excel files by reading from them and writing to them. It can be installed on a server or on… Read More »

MS Excel not Your Default Program…

By | 2017-02-08

I couldn’t resist posting this message: What I guess is that everyone else who pretend to be nerd has MS Excel as its default program for viewing and editing spreadsheets 🙂 The question is, what other spreadsheet program is my default? Well, in an upcoming blog I will reveal it! Stay tune, Dennis

B4J: Generate Excel Reports

By | 2017-01-24

Introduction The real power for using MS Excel workbooks as reports lays in the fact that we can create templates. A template in MS Excel is saved with the file extension *.xltx (*.xlt for older versions, 2007 and earlier) where the “t” stands for template. The key feature with it is that whenever we open it via code… Read More »