Xojo: Call for MS Excel – Another Spreadsheet is Opened!

By | 2017-03-14

On my computer I have MS Excel installed together with several other Spreadsheet software. Among the other Spreadsheet software installed I have WPS Office installed. Don’t recall how I got it…

When I ran the following code in Xojo I assumed MS Excel would have been loaded, right?

Dim xlApp As New ExcelApplication
Dim xlWBook As ExcelWorkbook
Dim xlWSheet As ExcelWorksheet
Dim xlRange As ExcelRange

Dim fi As FolderItem
fi = GetFolderItem("").Parent.Child("res\ChartReport.xlsx")

xlWBook =xlApp.Workbooks.Open(fi.AbsolutePath)
xlWSheet = xlWBook.Worksheets(1)

xlApp.Visible = True

'More code...

The following screenshot shows that the file, a MS Excel File, is launched in WSP Spreadsheets:

During my +30 years with Spreadsheets I have never seen anything like that. What to say?

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